Vespere Autem Sabbati Benedicamus Dominus Benedicamus Domino, Alleluja

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  1. Franciszkańskie Warsztaty Muzyki Liturgicznej Bazylika Franciszkanów Kraków, maja r. muz. greg. opr. Peres.
  2. Apr 21,  · Benedicamus Domino, Alleluia, Alleluia and its response are followed by the solemn Regina Caeli, its versicle and collect. The morning Office begins with Prime. There are no hymns at the Hours during the entire Paschal Octave in the Roman bermiseteacorlitpnerinoperfloudslu.coinfo: Rubricarius.
  3. During the liturgical reforms of Pope Pius XII (–) and Pope John XXIII (–) the use of the Benedicamus Domino was much restricted. By , it was only recited or chanted when an exposition immediately follows the Mass (Eucharisticum Mysterium, ). It is rarely heard in Anglo-Saxon countries, processions being rarities there.
  4. Antiphon: Vespere autem sabbati Antiphon: Et ecce terraemotus Antiphon: Angelus autem Domini Antiphon: Erat autem Antiphon: Prae timore Antiphon: Respondens autem Antiphon: Venite et videte Antiphon: Cito euntes Antiphon: In Galilea Benedicamus Domino, alleluja, alleluja Responsory: Deo gratias, alleluja, alleluja; Procession des Vêpres. Anon.
  5. From this Office the dismissal, Benedicamus Domino, is sung without the double Alleluia that marked the Paschal Octave. At Compline the Dominical preces were omitted. At Mattins the invitatory Surrexit Dominus vere Alleluia continues to be sung. The Office hymn is Rex Sempiterne Caelitum. The psalms of each nocturn are sung under a single antiphon.
  6. Benedicamus Domino is sung as the dismissal by the deacon facing the celebrant and altar. At Vespers the antiphons and psalms (, , , & ) of Sunday are sung. The Office hymn is Vexilla regis. The Suffrages are omitted. After Benedicamus Domino and its response Vespers of the Dead are sung.
  7. 28 Vespere autem sabbati, quae lucescit in prima sabbati, venit Maria Magdalene, et altera Maria, videre sepulchrum. 2 Et ecce terraemotus factus est magnus. Angelus enim Domini descendit de caelo: et accedens revolvit lapidem, et sedebat super eum: 3 erat autem aspectus ejus sicut fulgur: et vestimentum ejus sicut nix. 4 Prae timore autem ejus exterriti sunt .
  8. Schola zakonna Benedicamus Domino Zgromadzenia Sióstr Benedyktynek Misjonarek powstała w r. Pierwszym celem scholi jest animacja muzyczno-liturgiczna w .
  9. Benedicamus Domino × NOTICE: In support of those attending streamed Masses, OCP is offering a 50% discount on missals for individual use (1–4 copies), so that parishioners can continue to worship from home.

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