Time Slipped - Melted Cassettes - Melted Cassettes -9 (File, MP3)

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  3. Sep 09,  · Photo cameras have moved from film to memory cards, video cameras have moved from video tapes to digital tapes and mini DVDs and then on to hard disks and memory cards, audio cassettes have long disappeared in favour of mp3 players and recorders, and the home VCR has been replaced by DVD-recorders and more recently hard disk recorders.
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  5. This posting here, dating from January , from before the time when I had worked out how to put pictures in my blogs, let alone on flat screens on my living room wall, says most of the same things as this posting today does. But if it's worth saying, it's worth repeating. Yes, I like that.
  6. MP3 file derived from WAV preservation master, which was derived from original analog cassettes. Oral History Interview with Paul Green, May 30, Interview B
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  8. He wondered if the built-in amps compensated automatically. Blue alphanumerics winked the time, low in her left peripheral field. Showing off, he thought. Her body language was disorienting, her style foreign. She seemed continually on the verge of colliding with someone, but people melted out of her way, stepped sideways, made room.

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